EdFringe 2019 - Comedy Recommendations

June 27, 2019



Lots of people have asked me what shows to recommend to go see this Edinburgh. It is really hard to sum up all the baffling and badass creativity that is going on in August, so rather than text you all individually - here is a list of the shows that I would definitely be going to see if I was at the fringe.  All the people on this list are comics who I have seen live, can vouch for being excellent and know personally - they are all solid human beings. Go and see them and give them some love.


(*Apologies to the acts whose accents on their names I've missed out -like Michael Brunstrom I don't know how to get accents for letters on my keyboard. Please forgive me*)


This took too long to go through for me to write a bio for each show - so look them up yourself!


Love Elf





Alexander Bennett: They Call Me Daddy Punchlines

Ali Brice: Bin Wondering

Alison Thea-Skot: Thea-Skot Through the Heart and You're to Blame

Andrew O'Neill - We are Not in the Least Afraid of Ruins; We Carry a New World in Our Hearts

Angus Dunican: Nice Bit of Kit

A Booklover's Comedy Show

Borne of Chaos - Eric Lampaert

Currie and Brice - Kraudwerk

Daisy Earl: Fairy elephant

Daniel Muggleton: Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy (But I Reckon it’s Easier for Straight, White Men?)

Dave Green: Guest Bed

David McIver: Teleport

Desiree Burch: Desiree’s Coming Early!

Demi Lardner: Ditch Witch 800

Ed & Joz's Deleted Scenes

Filippo Spreafico: Sentimental Value

Fiona Ridgewell: Even Dizney Needs a Day Off!

Francesco De Carlo: Winning Hearts and Minds

Gabby Best: 10,432 Sheep

Garrett Millerick: Smile

Garry Starr Conquers Troy

Gråinne Maguire: Guys… it’s problematic

Grant Buse: Touche Buse

Harriet Dyer: The Dinosaur Show

Helen Bauer: Little Miss Baby Angel Face

Helen Duff Is the Tits

Hugh Davies: The Carpark

James Hancox: 1000 Great Lives

James Meehan - Never Better

James Nokise: God Damn Fancy Man

Jayde Adams: The Ballad of Kylie Jenner’s Old Face

Jim Campbell: Beef

Joey Page - Afterlife

John-Luke Roberts: Terrible Wonderful Adaptations

Johnny White Really-Really: Unending Torment!

Josh Glanc: Glance You for Having Me

Katie Prichard: Storm Stud

Kayla MacQuarrie: Traumatised

The Latebloomers: Scotland!

Laura Davis: Better Dead Than a Coward

Laura Lexx: Knee Jerk

Len BLanco: Firing Blancs

Leo Mohr: When I Was Zorro

The LOL Word

Lucy Pearman: Baggage

Lulu Popplewell: The Humble Bumbole

Maisie Adam: Hang Fire

Mawaan Rizwan: Werk in Progress

Michael Brunstrom: World of Sports

Neal Portenza is Joshua Ladgrove in: Edinburgh’s Only Bilge Pump Sales Seminar

Nick Helm: Phoenix from the Flames

An Objectively Funny Night

Olga Koch: If / Then

Pat Cahill: Uncle Len Needs a New Part for his Hoover

Peter Brush: Present. Tense.

Phil Ellis: Au Revoir

Pope’s Addiction Clinic

Rich Wilson: Death Becomes Him

Rob Kemp - Moonraker 2: Moonrakerer

Rosie Jones: Backward

Ryan Dalton: When nature Calls

Ryan Lan Will Be There Now in a Minute

Sara Barron: Enemies Closer

Séayoncé Deja Voodoo

Serena Flynn: Baubo Goddess of Filth

Siblings: The Siblinginging

Sleeping Trees: Silly Funny Boys

Sophie Duker: Venus

Spencer Jones: The Things We Leave Behind

Tamysn Kelly: Petroc

Tiff Stevenson: Mother

Tom Taylor: Is the Indie Feel-Good Hit of the Summer

Tom Walker : Very Very

Tony Law and Phil Nichol: Virtue Chamber Echo Bravo

Two Little Dickheads: Kapow

Viggo the Viking

Will Duggan: Class Two

Zahra Barri’s Special (Work in Progress)

Zoe Coombs Marr: Bossy Bottom

Zoe Lyons: Entry Level Human


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