Hello wonders,

Despite being double vaxxed, I unfortunately, a few days after turning 30, caught Covid-19. How, I don't know - as I pretty much wash my body in anti-bac and take lateral flow tests as obsessively as a city boy takes coke, but anyway, I got it and now I am here - in bed - a fermenting 6ft human guinea pig of self pity. What-an-absolute-titting-faff. I look and sound like one of the Skesis from The Dark Crystal, walk like Clint Eastwood after he has been chaffed to death on a horse and have also lost my hearing.

However, just because you have a fever, it does not mean you can't. do. admin.

Originally I was meant to be performing Swan and House of Horrors this gorgeous rainy weekend at the Otherplace in Brighton at The Warren: The McElderry. However, this has sensibly been re-arranged....


You can now book your tickets for my Brighton performances on these following dates:

SWAN at 4.15pm on the 4th JULY at The McElderry space.

HOUSE OF HORRORS at 9.30pm on the 5th JULY at The McElderry space.

If you can't make these dates - do not fear - I am performing Swan three final times in London at the Omnibus Theatre the following week in London. However, due to restrictions there are only 120 seats available over the three nights so SNAP THEM UP quickly. The McElderry holds 200 people and is OUTSIDE so if you are feeling nervous about being indoors but want to still see Swan before I officially finish it, I recommend this be the show you come to.