Updated: Jun 20

Individuals who are blowing me away

I have had a fever for four days now. I can see Dragons on the ceiling. It is a Saturday night. The Sims is taking a really long time to download, and I have eaten all the chocolate. Even though I can't taste it. Thus, it seemed like the perfect time, whilst sweating like a pig in a Sauna, and certain I am having a full fledged breakdown, to write a blog.

Here is a collection of artists who I know who I also love who are blowing my tits off with their awesomeness. All of them are real. My fever hasn't affected me at all. So please, follow and support these artists goddamit.


Anaïs and I met at a modern dance class after I made the mistake of watching 'Fame' and thinking 'I could do that'. Anaïs spoke to me afterwards, I think maybe because she took pity on the fact I dance like someone who has just contracted gout. Unlike me, Anaïs dances like a professional dancer - because that is what she is.

Anyway, besides being poetry in motion, Anaïs is also the creator of NNC Couture. She up-cycles and creates ethical and unique handmade items which each tell their own precious story. It is her own business and she is doing the whole thing from her home in France.

Give her a follow on insta and if you want an item, send her a dm:


(And yes, it is in French, but Jesus just do a bit of Duolingo and you'll be fine)


Duffy is an actor, activist and the most patient teacher of all time. Duffy has aided teaching me some integral techniques for my new version of SWAN and if you are looking for an instructor in mime and Visual Vernacular, look no further.

As a performer, he is absolutely hypnotising and captivating. Watch him and fall in love. If you are able to - watch Deafinetly Theatre's production of Sarah Kane's 4.48 online and you will understand what I mean.

He, alongside the team at HEAR ART PROJECT - a non-profit which funds deaf filmmakers to make independent short films - are raising money to make three films by deaf artists. If you can, support this amazing project.