Fubar Radio - Elf's Tuesday Takeover - 14th May - MY DREAM FILM

On Tuesday 14th May from 4-6pm ELF will be hosting TUESDAY TAKEOVER at Fubar Radio - she will be in control of the music, games and guests.


With this in mind, welcome to Elf's cinematic concept...


'Imagine Desert Island Discs but with cinema and an unlimited budget'

From the mysterious allure of Goblin's in Suspiria to the heart stopping dread of Ennio Morricone's in The Thing to the nostalgia inducing work of John Williams - we all have our favorite when it comes to film soundtracks.

John Williams had the ability to scare us from going in with water with 1975’s Jaws and most hotel corridors are terrifying if you are imagine Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind’s infamous The Shining soundtrack playing behind you.