New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

How to be the BEST ME for 2018

- Quit the gym.

- Sleep in more.

- Eat when I am hungry.

- Only eat food that look like joy.

- Wear tighter clothes.

- Go to the science museum any time I say "THERE IS NOTHING TO DO!".

- Aim to keep a balanced weight of 11stone and 11stone 12 pounds - fluctuating depending on how I feel, how cold it is, how much I really do want to go swimming a 7am, how much my period makes me long for chocolate and the fact my body is not an android and sometimes just likes to expand at its own sweet rhythm.

- Play the tambourine more.

- Refer to my belly forever more as "My sexy dough stomach of fun" or "My goddess tray" when lying in bed balancing biscuits off it whilst watching netflix.

- Admit to everyone that I am one of the major contributing factors to Ed Sheeran's constant success and I will not be made to feel ashamed any longer.

- Only buy second hand.

- Cut down from having sex 100 times a week, to 50 times a week, and use the new 50 minutes I have acquired to eat biscuits and dance around my room to the X (deluxe) album.