The London Diaries - #1 New Flat, New Projects...

Hello you!

here's a pic of me looking like Barb from Stranger things

Time is of the essence! I've lost that most crucial and important of all pieces of technology... my macbook charger!


Because of this - I have 44 minutes left, no, wait! 43! 43 minutes to try and write and edit a fairly cohesive and interesting blog post with less than 20 grammatical errors which possibly 54 people may or may not read.


So here is a mini unnecessary update before I write about the important stuff.

1) I'm back in my London flat. New flatmates. A new cafetiere*.... I've got hot pants on which I am 90% sure are my mothers. I am not sure if my choice in wearing them in October is a sign of my lack of clean clothes or my mental well being. But we will see if I make the choice to leave the house in them and then we will make that judgement.

2) I have two new flatmates. One who spends most of his time with his top off and talking about kick boxing**. I played his mum in our university production of Festen by David Eldridge in 2011. The other flatmate is long and vegan and her bedroom is very literally our old bike room. I can only assume she sleeps standing up like Nosferatu. It's like living with a magical red headed sprite who just pops out of the cupboard every now and again. She's in a play at the Etcetera Theatre which you should all go and see. She's Ariel. Obviously. Tickets here.

3) Edinburgh Festival 2016 was a great success. Should probably have written about that earlier, but it seems like a dream now. Pelican at Voodoo Rooms went brilliantly. WIth mentions in The Observer, The Guardian, The Telegraph alongside more and 4 star reviews from over 10 publications. Couldn't have been more thrilled with how it went. BUT IT WAS SO KNACKERING. Now looking to do a mini tour of it in 2017 at the beginning of the year. So if you have a venue that you think would work for it, get in touch.

4) GEORGIA O'KEEFFE is amazing. Her exhibit at the Tate Modern helped knock me out of a very drizzly depression. Made me realise how important art is for the soul. Also check out Claude Cahun if you haven't before. Her name is one that more people should know of .