March 8th is a huge day of importance for all of us. It may not seem like it, but it is.

As we use today to celebrate all the incredible women who are among us, who have come before us and the women who will come in the future, today is also a day that through its celebration highlights all the gross inequality around the world, emphasising how imperative it is to be innovative and work as a collective in order to conquer inequality globally.

It will take us a long time unfortunately before we live in a world where equality is the norm - where woman can walk down streets unaccompanied without worries of being harrassed or sexually assaulted, where women don’t have to worry about losing their jobs just because they’ve birthed another human, where women all over the world are able to vote, attend school, learn to read and write and be able to do the careers they want to, rather than be subjected to a life of restricted domestic tasks and limited opportunities.

When looking at the statistics it may seem that from where you are standing that gender inequality is a huge and impossible task to deal with - especially when the same problems keep coming up again and again and again.

However, in the UK there are so many ways we can each slowly and subtly change the game - even if we think that our actions have little force, in fact the ripple effects of our decisions are huge.

After reflecting on all the things I've learnt from the women around me up til now as a 24 yr old working woman I've decided to write down 8 ideas that I feel really help with encouraging and aiding the feminist movement.

Some of them are super obvious, but I wanted to write them down anyway....

I hope you like them and if you agree, share.

Happy International Women's Day sisters!