#3 - The Clown Diaries - Autocour, Massage Parlours and Turd-Sticks.

It's Wednesday afternoon. Ryan has departed to Abs Club with the final words "Your fashion sense reminds me of Topman circa 2007". I don't know what this means, but it's made me really crave listening to The Klaxons. This is also a rare sentence from Ryan as usually we only talk to eachother entirely in Bring It On references, which is a small sign of how Ecole Gaulier is slowly turning us mad. As perhaps evidenced by this week's blog post. Enjoy.


As a second year Clown student and fellow comedian John-Luke said to me afterwards as I nursed a large glass of wine at the local bar, "Well, you did look incredibly glamorous. Then you started walking...."

In short, I was a disaster at last Friday's Autocour.

The challenge, as mentioned in blog #2, was for each first year to be 'glamorous' and 'elegant' whilst advertising a product.

In fairness, I was almost elegant as I came out on stage in front of all the first years and second years. I stood up straight, kept eye contact, looked clean.... then the music started and I forgot where my feet were, tripped over them and went bright red.

But, c'est la vie. It is the experience that counts and as Gaulier says often: it's about getting up after you have 'flopped' and trying again. Many failed, receiving 'double zeros' and 'horribles', but many were beautiful and elegant. The point was, we were all doing it together.

The second year autocour for Clown was equally if not more intimidating and exhiliarating to watch.

Gaulier shouts to one group "If you are not funny in the first ten seconds you have to leave the stage" before gonging them off after they burst three packs of flour over the stage floor, another group he ends their performance by turning off the theatre lights in less than a minute and one clown he keeps on stage for fifteen minutes, antagonizing her to the point her temper bursts shouting "I WANTED TO EXPLORE MY FEMINITY, PHILIP