The Elf Diaries - JUNE ROUND UP


Happy July!

I hope you are all keeping hydrated and are protecting your wonderful skin in good high-factor suncream. I am currently the beautiful colour of a mildly-off prawn due to my over-confidence that my pale irish complexion could handle factor 20... it couldn't.... factor 60 for me it seems *sigh*.

My sincerest apologies that this blog entry for June is so late - I was on a rollercoaster of gigging madness last month.

Thus, below is a round up of all the cool things that happened last month...


AOH2A9682 (c) Andy Hollingworth Archive-3.jpg



I am very excited to announce I am now represented by Dawn Sedgwick Management. An awesome talent and literary agency who represent many acts I really love and admire, so I am really happy to be apart of their team. Follow them on twitter here.


After writing about festivals for my MA Dissertation at Queen Mary University London last year it felt like a right of passage to be able to perform Being Barbarella in the Cabaret Noir tent on the 12th of June at the Isle of Wight Festival. To say I was giddy with excitement at the time was an understatement. Decked out in my Smiffys Space Suit I performed my nerdy sexy show to an audience of 100+ in the lovely black blox theatre space. It was super fun. Also, I got to see Fleetwood Mac live and James Bay, so, overall, great weekend....