Carpe Diem - This week in music...

Via the beautiful medium that is Twitter I discovered at the beginning of the week a group of girls have formed a band inspired by my onstage mantra 'Yolo / Carpe Diem'. They all play the triangle, arguably the most overlooked and intricate of all musical instruments.They have invited me to be an honoury member. I have accepted gladly.

Like many people in this world, I have secretly harboured an inner desire to be in a rock band. I fantasise about manically on stage - like the love child of Patti Smith and Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (but with a less exciting haircut) - to a crowd of sweaty fanatics in a grimy dark venue.

In my heart I like to define myself as a 'middle class punk' - using the fact I was once in a punk rock version of The Tempest back in 2012 as my evidence. (It was a punk rock musical for my final year degree project at Bristol University, inspired by the work of Derek Jarman). I dressed up as a punk Margaret Thatcher and ran around flashing everyone my lady bits whilst bashing a tambourine over my head. I hit the tambourine so hard it broke and jangled around my neck like a dog-collar. I caused myself to have a very serious double concussion and a nose-bleed on stage.

It looked amazing.

The Evening Standard in 2013 found my headshot from the show and used it as the photograph to accompany a write-up of my stand up show Elf Lyons is a Pervert. In hindsight it probably misled people towards the type of comedy I create. Here is said photo....


I think we can all agree THAT is the worlds UGLIEST skirt.

Thus, this week I have been listening to TONS of music, and here are the songs and bands that I would highly highly recommend.


Introduced to these guys by a friend in Paris, I have become obsessed with this Chicago-born rock band. Full of young optimistic energy and 'rock'n'roll' enthusiam, their album Wild Onion is my favourite hangover cure. If you don't believe me, watch the music video to Making Breakfast. The lead singer Cadien's voice is full-bodied and rich. It's the perfect song to send to someone you fancy, or just like in general, or anyone you hate, in fact, just send it to EVERYONE.