Australian Adventure - A summary and a Goodbye


It's 7.04 am when I start writing this. I am sitting at my parent's kitchen island, hunched over with a coffee in hand. I've been up since 5am (damn jetlag). I couldn't stay in bed any longer, and I knew I had been putting writing this blog off for too long, so here I am, procrastination over!

Part of my excuse for not writing in so long is I keep three journals alongside this one - and after I fill each one of them in, I am physically too tired to write any more - my brain is sludge. I decided to put the blog to one side when I came to halfway point of the festival. I wanted to be outdoors as much as possible and away from the internet....

"Three journals! That's abit extreme?" .Yes, it probably is, but let me explain...

Journal One - A bright blue leather thing with nicotined coloured edges and coffee stains everywhere. This journal is my 2015 journal. With me everywhere, I write in it every day and it is the emotional one, with all my ideas and feelings in it. Best way to describe it : 'The cliche one'.

Journal Two - My 'Travel Journal' - With a picture of a kangaroo on the cover this is purely for Adelaide and is more practical - with details of locations, names, shows and everything I meet and encounter. Less feelings, but more a precise memory jogger of everything I have been up to. It's heavy now, and is a good compliment to Journal One when I haven't properly explained or described a scenario.

Journal Three - I was once advised by a comic when I first started comedy to write 'EVERYTHING DOWN' and I've kept this up. This is the comedy journal. Every day, for an hour, I write all my ideas down in this one. Even the stupid ones. Everything. Even if I can't think of anything. It's taken a lot of practise, but it really helps.

Anyways, now these are explained, let me try and tie-up loose ends and summarise the end of the festival.....

Second thing: Context - THE LAST NIGHT

On Sunday night (March 15th) it was the last night of the Adelaide Fringe. All shows were finishing and all the venues wre preparing to drink their bars dry. The day seemed to move in slow motion. My flight was at 7am on Monday morning, I had to be at Adelaide Airport at 5am and I had no intention of going to sleep. Who wants to miss the last night of fringe party?

Three bottles of champagne later, several breakdancing attempts in a moon boot, a tub of glitter poured over my face and a hoard of some of the most delicious people at the Adelaide Fringe on one dance floor together, I staggered out of the Tuxedo Cat at 4am, skipped to my apartment to grab my bags, jumped in a cab and made my way to the Airport. Glitter on face, dignity 'sort-of' in tact, a neon dress I'd picked up in a thrift store and my hair a sweaty rat-tailed mess. I looked like I had either escaped a cult or chosen last minute to join one...

I can't remember much of the 24 hour journey that took me home to Heathrow. I passed out the moment I put my seat belt on in Adelaide! However, when I waited at the interchange at Hong Kong I read my Travel Journal with all the goodbye messages that other comics and performers had written me. It was only then I started to cry. If I could I would have shrunk them all down and carried them in my suitcase, transporting them back to the land of grey weather and daffodils. Instead, I have over 1,000 photos on my iphone and a collectors edition of shells, books, comics, broaches and trinkets that have been passed on to me by the most wonderful collection of artists.