Elf's Diary Entry #2 - New Year New Resolutions


2014 has been a brilliant year. A tough year, but a year all about carrying out ones ideas, being entrepenurial and working hard, despite difficulties. As it draws to a close, and I sit patientily waiting for my train to take me back to the manic eccentricities of my Mum and Dad, I have decided to round of the year by summarising the cool things I achieved this 2014 and the resolutions I need for 2015. Feel free to hold me to all the resolutions. I need someone to tell me off.


Things I went and did this 2014:

JANUARY - Wrote a Childrens show, Princess Taz & The Fearsome Forest, about Politics and the Green Party. It was performed at the Etcetera Theatre in January and the PBH Free Fringe in August. It was nominated for a Fringe Sustainability award. I am never touching another puppet again.

FEBRUARY - Went to Dublin - those four days of drinking Guinness sum up February.


MARCH - Started the Book & Booze Club, underwent surgery, got a puppy, started work as a volunteer at SPOTLIGHT in Langdon Park.

APRIL- Celebrated one year of the Secret Comedians at Paper Dress Vintage, Shoreditch.

MAY - Performed Pervert for one last time in May at the Brighton Fringe at Upstairs at Three & Ten. Wrote & performed a one hour solo performance art piece called Please Resuscitate (mentored by Stacy Makishi) about my relationship and love for Lana Del Rey and society's relationship with prostittution

JUNE - Turned 23 and performed Underground Success at the Balham Fringe alongside volunteering at Tandem Festival.