November 22, 2018


I wrote a blog entry. It took a  while and then it deleted itself.

Frustrations of the internet.

So here we go. Let’s try and replicate it again.


I have returned
home now. Post op. For a while I waddled around like E.T but with sassy white hospital bra...

October 29, 2018

The Guinea Pig Diaries: Diary Entry from an Out-of-body comedian at home.

Preface: To the three people who read this - I have not written in a while, thus I apologise for the long sentences. This was written on a huge boost of opiods, coffee and St Vincent playing in th...

February 17, 2015

I write this on codine.


I am spending this afternoon in my flat getting better aquainted with my new best friends for the next few weeks: Crutch 1 and Crutch 2. I'm now going to have the henchest arms in Adelaide.


Guess which goon chose to be all clumsy and break all t...

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